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Alukwa B.V.

After experiencing rapid growth, Alukwa owners Klaas Scholtens and Ronald van der Vlist were seeking calmer waters. Rembrandt M&A facilitated a successful acquisition for the manufacturing company in the luxury yacht industry, following a prior acquisition party's sudden withdrawal at the brink of completion. "Rembrandt certainly did not opt for the easy route."

Klaas: "Alukwa produces and develops automatic doors for luxury yachts. Ronald and I had been working together for some time and were eager to take the helm of a company ourselves, at our own expense and risk. When the opportunity arose in 2014 to acquire the shares of Alukwa, we decided to take the plunge."

Ronald: "During that acquisition, the then-owner of Alukwa was advised by Rembrandt. Ultimately, Rembrandt also assisted us in securing the financing, including drafting a professional financing memorandum. Since then, we have always stayed in touch; we regularly discussed the direction of our company and potential growth opportunities."

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Klaas: "Due to our continuous dedication to the company's growth over the years, Aluwka had grown to about 2.5 times its size since the acquisition in 2014. At the same time, Ronald and I found ourselves increasingly pondering: how much longer do we want to keep doing this?"

Ronald: "Ideally, we wanted to take it a bit easier and allocate our time differently. So, we decided to put Alukwa on the market. Given our ongoing positive relationship with Rembrandt, we engaged them once again to sell the company for the second time, nine years later. The team mapped out our desires and conducted a thorough valuation. Additionally, they provided a long list of potential buyers, including strategic and financial entities from both domestic and international markets."

Since then, we always stayed in touch, regularly discussing the direction of our company and potential growth opportunities.

Ronald van der Vlist

Klaas: "We were quite impressed by that longlist; Rembrandt cast a much wider net than we could have ever done on our own. This truly demonstrated the power of a large network."

Ronald: "Together, we subsequently narrowed down the longlist to a shortlist, after which the team approached several potential buyers. Unfortunately, a prospective acquirer backed out at the last moment. That was a setback. However, it was precisely at that moment that Rembrandt's thorough approach proved to be particularly valuable."

Klaas: "What I found particularly commendable was their ability to maintain composure. They could have simply opted for the candidate ranked second on the list, but the economic landscape had shifted significantly by early 2022 due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent rise in interest rates. Therefore, Rembrandt decided to compile a new longlist, taking into account this altered context. I found this decision to be truly robust; they certainly did not opt for the path of least resistance."

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Ronald: "On the second longlist, a party emerged that was not on the first longlist: Intersaction, a Dutch investment firm with whom we immediately had a good feeling. Not only because of the price they offered, but especially because they were genuinely interested in our company and the people who work there. We immediately felt: Intersaction is beneficial for our employees, customers, and suppliers.

Klaas: "It's significant that they simultaneously acquired another competitor in our industry. That demonstrates they are truly seeking synergy within our sector."

Rembrandt cast a much wider net than we could have ever done on our own.

Klaas Scholtens

Ronald: "The team has provided excellent support to us in managing all the practical matters that arise. There is a tremendous amount to be arranged, often alongside our regular, busy work. So, it is very pleasant when an advisor takes care of many things for you."

Klaas: "But the main thing is that Rembrandt has found this buyer for us; a pleasant, professional party to whom we will confidently transfer Alukwa completely after a transition period of two years."

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