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Starting point for a handover or acquisition

Various situations might result in a need to assess the value of a business for example as a result of an acquisition or a sale, a transfer within the family, a buyout of one or more existing shareholders or as a base-line measurement to better understand the position of your company.


Our specialists aim for the most objective value assessment, taking into account the nature of the assignment. Ideally, each value assessment is based on multiple valuation methods; often this is a combination of computational methods (such as Discounted Cash-Flow, improved profitability method) and approaches based on best practice: so-called market and transaction multiples.

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For the financial analysis, we can automatically download the data from your administration into our systems, which enables us to execute in-depth analyses, often without effort on your part. It also allows us to take into account any possible synergies.

A value assessment accurately and objectively assesses the market value of a business.

Clear insight

Whether, after completing a value assessment, the decision is to start the process or not, the outcome nevertheless offers insight into the most important factors that determine the value of the organisation. It also provides an indication as to how further to optimise such value.

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How we work

Accuracy is the most important factor in a value assessment. We consider not only the essential factors but also the secondary conditions that are important for you personally.

Step-by-step plan of a value assessment

  • Drafting a questionnaire to obtain necessary information
  • Completing a financial analysis and mapping the most important elements that underpin the value
  • Conversations with shareholders and/or management, as necessary
  • Analysing the various scenarios for the future
  • Presenting and documenting the outcome of the value assessment

Assessing the value of your company

You may wish to assess the value of your company for various reasons:  it could be done in light of a buyout of one or more shareholders or a dispute between shareholders or even at the request of the tax authorities.

Our valuers would be happy to provide insight into the value of your business. Do not hesitate to contact one of our advisors.

Our specialists are here to help.