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Investigating an acquisition?

You are highly ambitious. There are several possibilities to fast-track your company’s growth. A strategic acquisition is one of these options

M&A buy-side: buying a company

Are you considering acquiring a company but uncertain about which company to acquire? Or do you have your sights set on a particular business?

Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions, as an experienced mergers and acquisitions advisor, offers a unique and distinctive approach that adds value to all phases of the acquisition process. We provide guidance to parties positioned on the buy-side of the market, advising them on various options for acquiring a company.

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Uw partner voor een succesvolle overname

Voor ieder overnametraject werken wij nauw samen met bij de onderneming betrokken adviseurs. Hierbij kunt u denken aan accountants, fiascalisten, due diligence specialisten en M&A advocaten. Wij behouden het overzicht, bewaken de voortgang en houden de kosten onder controle. Hierbij ligt de focus ligt op het realiseren van zowel de korte- als (strategische) lange-termijndoelstellingen.

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The acquisitions process

The acquisition process consists of three phases: preparation, transaction, and completion. During each phase, we keep a watchful eye on your goals and monitor your progress.

1. Preparation phase

In most processes, we start by creating a profile that includes the most important criteria, value-determining elements, and strategic goals that a potential acquisition should deliver. For an acquisition to be successful, it is paramount that the information received and knowledge gained during the process are continually measured against these criteria.

Should there not be a potential candidate under consideration, we then use our databases and (inter)national network to draw up a list of candidates that best suit your company profile. Together, we create a shortlist of the most suitable candidates, which we approach tentatively to investigate whether they are open to an introduction.

2. Transaction phase

The transaction phase mainly focuses on deeper financial analyses, cultural and commercial aspects, issuing of an offer, negotiating, and documenting the agreed terms in a Letter of Intent (LOI).

3. Completion phase

The completion phase consists of, amongst other things, due diligence, drafting a business plan, and arranging financing and/or venture capital as necessary. As a final step, the transaction documentation is drawn up and signed.

  • Roderick Kranendonk

    Roderick Kranendonk


    "From financial analysis to acquisition agreements, Rembrandt guides you throughout the entire process."

    Meet Roderick Kranendonk

Driven to make the difference

Rembrandt M&A's approach is differentiated by creating added value for you in all phases of the acquisitions process. On the buy-side, we offer 360-degree support for a successful business acquisition.

Added value

  • Decades of experience
  • A track-record of notable transactions in a variety of sectors
  • A structured approach offering complete control over the entire process
  • In-depth sector knowledge
  • Access to excellent national and international network
  • Close co-operation with other professionals
  • Achieving your strategic goals
  • Goal-oriented, personal and committed
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A full or partial acquisition?

In addition to the option of fully acquiring a business, Rembrandt M&A has developed a unique proposition for buyers interested in a joint investment: the Smart Exit. With Smart Exit, investors get the opportunity to make smart investments in third-party enterprises. In this arrangement, all parties, both buyers and sellers, benefit from the assurance of pre-determined returns and conditions.

Discover Smart Exit

A successful acquisition encompasses the optimal outcome in every aspect: financial, strategic, and personal.


Meet and discuss with the Rembrandt M&A team. We understand the inquiries at hand, are familiar with the dynamics of the acquisition process, and provide a network full of opportunities. Contact us today to explore how we can assist in your specific situation.

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