Merger of 200° Fahrenheit and OFYR

Merger of 200° Fahrenheit and OFYR

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200° Fahrenheit B.V. and OFYR Global B.V. (a portfolio company of Mentha Capital) have merged. Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions assisted the shareholders of 200° Fahrenheit in realizing this transaction.

200° Fahrenheit
200° Fahrenheit is the company behind several fast-growing outdoor cooking brands such as The Bastard and Grill Guru. In addition, 200° Fahrenheit distributes Traeger Grills and many barbecue related products such as charcoal, smoking wood and sauces. Together with OFYR, a leading European player in the field of outdoor cooking is created.

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Mentha Capital B.V.
Mentha Capital is a Dutch private equity firm focusing on Dutch and Flemish midmarket companies. OFYR, a portfolio company of Mentha Capital, is a fully outdoor concept with its OFYR scale and range of outdoor furniture, utensils and top-quality acessories.

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