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Financial restructuring

When a company faces financial challenges, strategic interventions are required to ensure long-term viability. Financial restructuring is a process designed to optimize the financial structure of a company to enhance stability and profitability.

Professional, with a human touch

In financial restructuring, swift and thorough action is often crucial. Leveraging our expertise, experience, and advanced financial models, we can swiftly and efficiently assess your company's financial situation. We always maintain an objective perspective to provide guidance at critical junctures, ensuring you receive the appropriate support in a process where emotions can heavily influence decisions.

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Clear insight

Rembrandt's approach aims, in the first instance, to quickly obtain a clear understanding of the financial landscape.

Sample questions

  • What is the cause or what are the causes of the need for financing?
  • Where in the business is money made and where is it lost?
  • What are the cash flows?
  • What are the liquidity needs in short and medium terms?
  • What form of financing fits best?
  • Marijke van Ruijven

    Marijke van Ruijven

    Senior Manager

    "Rembrandt is characterized by thorough preparation and in-depth analyses. This enables us to make the best decisions for your company, grounded in factual evidence."

    Meet Marijke van Ruijven

Assessing the situation

With a clear insight into the current situation, we are able to investigate the various options. If the problems are of a structural nature, various solutions are possible.

Potential solutions

  • Refinancing loans
  • Attracting equity
  • Closing and/or selling parts of the business
  • Connecting with a strategic partner

How can we help you?

Meet and discuss with the Rembrandt M&A team. We understand the inquiries at hand, are familiar with the dynamics of the acquisition process, and provide a network full of opportunities. Contact us today to explore how we can assist in your specific situation.

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