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Smart Exit

As an entrepreneur, you find yourself pondering several crucial matters. How can I safeguard a portion of my business assets for personal security? Am I prepared for an exit from the company? As an investor, you've already accumulated personal wealth, but how do you facilitate its expansion?

Smart-exit: for entrepreneurs and investors

Explore the opportunities, with clear agreements and limited risks. Whether you aim to capitalize on your success as an entrepreneur or diversify your investments as an investor. Download the Smart Exit brochure for more information.

The Smart Exit process

Smart exit offers the option of a partial sale, in which you can continue to conduct business for a number of years. In the meantime, you prepare for the next step. Smart exit is a clear example of conceptual thinking by Rembrandt M&A by which a thorough and timely preparation serves as a pre-requisite to achieving a sustainable result.

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The benefits for entrepreneurs

Smart exit offers business owners the opportunity to better spread the capital invested in the business. Together with a select group of informal investors from our network, you continue to work on the growth of your business while simultaneously achieving financial peace of mind.

At a glance

  • Smart asset management
  • Partial capitalisation of your business success
  • Continued control over your business

The benefits for investors

Investors have the option to make wise investments in the businesses of others and you can invest directly, together or with others. In such situations, both parties have the assurance of pre-agreed profits and conditions.

At a glance

  • Invest directly in other businesses
  • Smart portfolio management
  • Fixed returns and conditions
  • Significantly lower costs compared to investing through a fund
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Contact with our Smart Exit team?

At Rembrandt M&A, we have assembled a specialized team to guide your smart exit process smoothly and successfully. Ferdi Kramer, a partner at our Amsterdam office, would be delighted to provide you with more details about this unique proposition.

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