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Smart Exit

Are you an entrepreneur? With Smart Exit, you secure a part of your business assets and continue to do business as usual. Are you an investor? Then Smart Exit is a smart alternative to make your capital pay off.
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A smart step into the future

Smart Exit offers the possibility to liquidate a substantial part of your company's value - and still continue your business. Together with a select group of informal investors, you continue to work on the growth of your company in financial peace of mind.

Smart Exit: entrepreneur advantages

Sell part of your company, continue to be an active entrepreneur and safeguard over 70% of your business capital at an early stage.

Smart Exit implies:

  • Partially cash in on your business success
  • Remain in control of your company
  • Smart asset management

Smart Exit: a smart step into the future for entrepreneurs and investors.

Smart Exit: investor advantages

Invest in companies with a proven track record; receive a return of about 28%* on your investment.

Smart Exit implies:

  • Smart investments in third party companies
  • Invest directly, together with others
  • Fixed returns and conditions rendementen en voorwaarden

Wish to stay an entrepreneur?

After a predetermined period, you have the opportunity to buy back the shares. For example, because the company is sold to an external party, or because succession has become possible within the family. Members of the management can also participate in a Smart Exit.


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