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M&A Sell-Side

You may find yourself putting serious thought into selling your business. It could be a matter of the ‘right time’ or it could perhaps stem from a third party that is interested in buying your business.

M&A sell-side: selling a company

Are you considering selling your business? A successful transaction involves more than simply obtaining the best financial result: it also involves achieving your strategic business and personal goals.

Personal and professional

When selling your business, trust is essential. The personal approach of the deal team, tailored specifically for you, is ingrained in our DNA. We listen to your desires, objectives and concerns, and then develop a strategy that aligns perfectly with your needs. With our expertise and extensive market knowledge, we provide you with valuable insights and strategies to sell your business on the most favorable terms.

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Sales process

The sales process consists of three phases: preparation, transaction and completion. During each phase, we keep a careful eye on your goals and monitor progress. Each process starts with a thorough assessment of your wishes and expectations. In addition, it is important to assess whether the company is actually ready to be sold.

1. Preparation phase

During preparation for the sales process, together we establish the lead time and lay the foundations for a successful result. Any information you provide is in safe hands*. During this phase we work closely with the advisors involved in your business, such as accountants and tax advisors.

2. Transaction phase

Following this thorough preparation, the sales process starts in earnest once we approach third parties. In most cases, we first gauge whether a third party is open to acquisitions and, if that is indeed the case, we conduct research on the basis of an anonymous profile to ascertain the degree to which your business fits theirs. Subsequently, we sign non-disclosure agreements, hold introductory talks with potential buyers and receive and analyse (non-binding) offers for the business.

3. Completion phase

As soon as possible following the signing of a Letter of Intent, the buyer and their advisor(s) commence the due diligence process. After the findings of this process have been discussed, the final phase of the process commences. This consists of drafting the transaction documentation and holding negotiations related to this.

* Rembrandt M&A is the sole independent mergers and acquisitions firm in the Netherlands to hold ISO 27001 certification.

Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions

As an entrepreneur, you can count on the best outcome; financially, strategically, and personally. Our distinctive approach adds value for our clients in all stages of a sales process.

Added value

  • Decades worth of experience
  • Track record of notable transactions in a variety of sectors
  • A structured approach with complete control over the entire process
  • Sound analysis and a precise valuation at the start of a sales process
  • Access to excellent national and international networks
  • Notably high rate of success in achieving transactions that meet pre-determined goals
  • Goal-oriented, personal and committed
  • John Hoekman

    John Hoekman

    Senior Director

    "Where do you want to go, what is your vision, and how do we get there? These are the most intriguing challenges to address, both with clients and consultants."

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  • Ferdi Kramer

    Ferdi Kramer


    "I am immensely proud of the team, which, with the same passion as entrepreneurs who have built their businesses, guides them through a successful acquisition to the next phase."

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  • Wouter Jolie

    Wouter Jolie

    Senior Director

    "Similar to a top sports team, at Rembrandt, we go the extra mile for the client, as well as for each other."

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Meet and discuss with the Rembrandt M&A team. We understand the inquiries at hand, are familiar with the dynamics of the acquisition process, and provide a network full of opportunities. Contact us today to explore how we can assist in your specific situation.

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