Acquisition of Mat-Tech by Zuid Hollands Investeringsfonds

Acquisition of Mat-Tech by Zuid Hollands Investeringsfonds

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MBO & Groei Fonds has acquired the minority of the shares of Mat-Tech from Zuid Hollands Investeringsfonds (ZIF). Rembrandt Mergers and Acquisitions has supported ZIF in the sale of the minority of the shares.

ZIF is an equity fund founded in 2002 by more than 10 local Rabobanks and different municipalities. ZIF was founded to provide risk-bearing funds to innovative start-ups. Mat-Tech was the last investment of ZIF.

Mat-Tech is a specialist for high-tech solder solutions. The company consists of two subsidiaries. Mat-Tech Development & Testing focuses on the development, optimization en application of different solder techniques. Mat-Tech Production produces high-tech solder solutions for third parties. Mat-Tech is located in Son, the Netherlands, and has a portfolio of international clients.

MBO & Groei Fonds participates in promising small- and medium-sized enterprises that require capital for a management buy-out or for the realization of growth plans. By providing capital, MBO & Groei Fonds intents to ward the continuity of family-owned companies in the Netherlands. The Rabobank is an important investor in the fund and offers growing small- and medium-sized enterprises an attractive financing solution for growth.

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