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Acquisition Aluvo and de Bouwgroep by DELOS Bouwgroep

DELOS Bouwgroep acquired 100% of the shares in in Aluvo and De Bouwgroep. Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions assisted the sellers in realizing this transaction.

Aluvo and De Bouwgroep
Aluvo is specialised in the production, sale, engineering and assembly of aluminium window frames, doors and facade systems for homebuilding and utility construction. De Bouwgroep consists of several companies, active in timber frames and homebuilding.

More information is available at:

DELOS Bouwgroep
DELOS comprises Hegeman Bouw & Infra and DELOS Ontwikkeling. Hegeman Bouw & Infra is active in such fields as healthcare and education. DELOS Ontwikkeling develops innovative concepts for the construction company.

More information is available at: https://hegeman.com/

The acquisition of Aluvo and De Bouwgroep provides DELOS with more access to homebuilding, utility construction and expertise in sustainable timber frame construction and engineering. Through these acquisitions, DELOS extends its domestic geographic coverage and gains access to the Polish market.

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