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One day, you're ready: you wish to capitalize on your life's work. For a successful acquisition or sale, you often only get one chance. At Rembrandt M&A, we believe that the sum of the parts determines the outcome; strategically, financially, and personally.

Preparation, tactics, execution. Every move matters in the acquisition, merger, or sale of a company. We understand the concerns you face as an entrepreneur and are familiar with the dynamics of an acquisition process. We integrate this understanding into our highly personal approach.

Every step matters

Also during the period preceding the transaction. Are you prepared for a potential sale or acquisition, or are you seeking guidance on the necessary preparations? We are here to assist you in moving forward.

  • Valuation

    What is the actual value of your company? And what factors determine this value?

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  • Smart Exit

    For entrepreneurs and investors alike: take a strategic leap into the future today.

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The next step is up to you

The sale or acquisition of a company is a multifaceted and delicate journey that requires a comprehensive approach. It is crucial to have a clear vision of how your life will look after the acquisition or sale. With thorough preparation, in-depth analysis, and a thoughtful, industry-focused approach, we guide you through every step of this process.

  • John Hoekman

    John Hoekman

    Senior Director

    "Where do you want to go, what is your idea, how do we get there? These are the most compelling questions to work on, both with clients and consultants."

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  • Ferdi Kramer

    Ferdi Kramer


    "I am immensely proud of the team that, with the same passion as entrepreneurs build their businesses, guides them through a successful acquisition to the next phase."

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  • Wouter Jolie

    Wouter Jolie

    Senior Director

    "Similar to a top-tier sports team, at Rembrandt, we go the extra mile for our clients, as well as for each other."

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A strong network

Rembrandt M&A is affiliated with Rabobank, yet operates entirely autonomously and independently. As the sole office in the Netherlands, we are a member of Advior International, an international collaborative network comprising leading M&A firms across Europe, the United States, and Asia.

Furthermore, throughout the acquisition process, you will have access to our extensive network of external specialists, including accountants, tax advisors, and attorneys. This allows us to merge expertise, skill, and capability effectively.

Driven to make the difference

Rembrandt M&A is an independent merger and acquisition advisory firm specializing in the acquisition and sale of (international) businesses. With extensive experience and expertise across multiple sectors, we offer our clients the finest in M&A services.

As an entrepreneur, you will be guided by highly engaged advisors whose strengths lie in thorough analyses, fact-based decision-making, a vast international network, and a personalized approach.

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Your future plans deserve the finest advice

Honest, thorough, and well thought-out. Our approach follows a tightly managed process that leads to a transaction that is successful in every aspect. Curious to hear more about the opportunities? Our specialists are happy to get in touch.

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