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A Pre-Exit involves selling your business in two steps. Following a partial capitalisation, you work together towards a final sale.
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In the first step of a Pre-Exit, you immediately secure a significant part of your equity and you continue your business activities only now jointly with an investor. Depending on the type of investor, you then normally sell the remaining shares in your business within the next four to seven years.


Would you like to capitalise on your success as an entrepreneur and workgradually towards a succesful sale?

The features

  • Partial capitalisation of your business assets
  • Shared control of your organisation
  • Access to added value, knowledge and network of the investor

A co-shareholder

To determine what type of investor is the best fit for your organisation, we prepare an inventory of what the needs of you and your business are. Based on this, we will present a selection of parties that would represent a suitable fit. As a result of our many years of experience, we have an extensive network of investors that we know well and, in some cases, know personally. The aim is to select the investor (party) that can offer the desired expertise, for example jointly to fast-track the growth of the business (internationally), to professionalise further, or to make one or more acquisitions possible.

This could also be the perfect time to make management team members co-shareholders. Whether a majority or a minority of shares are sold to the investor, in either case he will want to be involved in certain business decisions or even to have a deciding vote.

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Is a Pre-Exit something for you?

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