Management Buy-Out at Mohs Klinieken

Management Buy-Out at Mohs Klinieken

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Dr. J.M. Muche, dermatologist at Mohs Klinieken, and his colleague Drs. A. van Rengen, have acquired 100% of the shares in Mohs Holding B.V. by means of a Mangement Buy-Out. Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions assisted the management team in realizing this Mangement Buy-Out.

Mohs Holding B.V.
Mohs Klinieken has locations in Dordrecht, Amsterdam and Hoorn and is, besides practicing general dermatology, one the few Dutch clinics with a specialism in Mohs technique for derma-oncology (skin cancer). This is a highly innovative technique that, in comparison to the traditional treatment of skin cancer, significantly increases the success rate of skin cancer operations. Founded eight years ago, Mohs Klinieken has become a leading and innovative player in dermatological care. More information is available at:

The management team
The management team has been involved in Mohs Klinieken for a long time and already held a minority stake in the company. By means of the Management Buy-Out, they have been able to realize their ambition of becoming the joint owners of the company.

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