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Sale of 45% of the shares in Hessing by The Greenery

The Greenery B.V. sold its 45% share interest in Hessing B.V. back to the family Hessing. The Greenery and Hessing will continue to work closely together on purchasing and in product development. The team of Rembrandt M&A supported The Greenery in the process with an indicative valuation.

The Hessing family company is a major processor of fresh vegetables, fruit and salads. The company sells over 250 million packages per year. Hessing employs 1250 people across five production sites, from which the company supplies fresh produce to several supermarket chains such as Jumbo and Superunie as well as the foodservice industry. For more information see: www.hessingsupervers.nl.

The Greenery
The Greenery is owned by cooperative Coforta. The company provides year round fresh vegetables, fruit and mushrooms to international supermarket chains, wholesalers, caterers and the food processing industry. For more information see: www.thegreenery.com.

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