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Financing at Edeldruk B.V.

The Paardekooper Group has acquired 51% of the shared in Edeldruk. Rembrandt Mergers & Acquidition acted as exclusive financial advisor to the seller to raise additional equity capital and to realise the strategic cooperation.

From its production facility in Rotterdam, Edeldruk offers a full range of production possibilities for laminating board and paper. By laminating unique materials to board and paper Edeldruk creates ‘eye catching’ base material for the packaging of luxury or food products.
More information is available on: www.edeldruk.nl

The Paardekooper Group is located in Oud-Beijerland and consists of several companies that specialize in the wholesale and distribution of an extensive range of paper and plastic packaging, decorating and display materials.
More information is available on: www.paardekoopergroup.com

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