Wilbert van Gerwen

Wilbert van Gerwen


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Wilbert & Rembrandt

Wilbert studied Applied Economic Sciences at K.U. Leuven and Sciences Politiques et Relations Internationales (postgraduate) at U.C. de Louvain. In October 2003, he joined Rembrandt after gaining work experience at Rabobank Mergers & Acquisitions, ING Bank, and MeesPierson. As a Partner, he leads the Eindhoven office.

"I enjoy working with ambitious individuals who want to challenge themselves and progress, those who are willing to try new things. This could be securing your first prospect, as well as engaging in your first negotiation or valuation presentation."

I find joy in witnessing colleagues successfully tackle new challenges and develop themselves.

This is what makes Rembrandt unique for me

In the transactions we undertake, we work from the content towards the best solution for our clients. We prioritize our client's interests while also considering those of the 'counterparty' to maximize the chances of success. We serve as the personal sparring partner for the entrepreneur who is our client. Internally, we provide colleagues with the opportunity to develop at their own pace.