Sean Taylor

Sean Taylor

Medior Developer

+31 10 798 7683

Sean & Rembrandt

Sean studied Computer Science at Avans Hogeschool in Breda. During his bachelor's program, he interned at a data company, where he delivered a proof-of-concept product. In 2021, he joined Rembrandt as a software engineer.

"I chose Rembrandt because you're closely involved in projects and have direct contact with the end users of the product. Additionally, I was drawn to the open and social atmosphere at Rembrandt's office, and I enjoy working in an M&A environment."

Even in a different role, you feel connected to the rest of the team at Rembrandt. We work together, everyone helps each other out.

This is what makes Rembrandt unique for me

Rembrandt is unique to me because we have a strong bond among colleagues; we truly function as a team. When you walk in, you can feel the energy, everyone is eager to get started. At Rembrandt, you have a lot of freedom and budget to take courses, allowing developers to learn the techniques they're interested in or want to master.