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F&A meets M&A

The Dutch Food & Agri [capitals?] sector has been extremely successful for generations. In the field of innovation and productivity, it is an international leader; in the transition to a sustainable future, it is leading the way. Thanks to their experience and their cooperation with Rabobank, Rembrandt holds a unique position in the Food & Agri sector.

Professional, experienced and committed. Based on this conviction, we assist you in an M&A process.

Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions gladly assists you in the right approach to successfully guide your company to the future. Our agricultural and horticultural businesses, both large and small, do not just initiate change, they need to continually evolve as well, for example through mergers and/or acquisitions, corporate transfers and new partnerships. Meet the team.

Our specialists are here to help.

Recent transactions in Food & Agri