Acquisition of Zador Holding by ZD Bidco

Acquisition of Zador Holding by ZD Bidco

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ZD Bidco B.V. acquired 100% of the shares in Zador Holding B.V. Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions assisted the seller in realizing this transaction.

Zador Holding
Zador Holding B.V. is a metalware factory based in Dordrecht. Zador has been involved in metal processing since its foundation in 1941. Activities include welding, laser cutting, bending and powder coating. Well-known products by Zador include electric charging stations, as well as recycle bins and gas boxes.

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ZD Bidco
ZD Bidco is a newly established metal group in which several entrepreneurs participate. ZD's objective is further growth in the sheet metal industry in the area of high-quality small to medium-sized semi-finished products for various markets.

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