Tim Foesenek

Tim Foesenek


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Tim & Rembrandt

Tim pursued a Bachelor's in International Business Administration. During this program, he studied for half a year in Singapore, with a major focus on Finance. Afterwards, he decided to pursue two Master's degrees: Supply Chain Management and Finance. This combination provides knowledge of both the operational value streams within a company and the financing underlying them. Tim started at Rembrandt as a Junior Consultant in March 2022.

"As a starting consultant, you're involved in every aspect of a project. Additionally, you're always working on several projects simultaneously, which keeps you engaged in different phases continuously."

At Rembrandt, you quickly learn how the market and the M&A field operate, with your responsibilities growing at the right pace alongside your learning.

This is what makes Rembrandt unique for me

At Rembrandt, we distinguish ourselves by adopting a no-nonsense attitude. While we aim to facilitate successful transactions, our core lies in providing the right, sincere advice. Sometimes, that includes saying 'no' or 'not yet.' This makes us reliable and ensures that clients come back to us even after a few years.