Rutger Steenhuis

Rutger Steenhuis


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Rutger & Rembrandt

Rutger completed his Bachelor's in International Business and Master's in International Financial Management, both at the University of Groningen. During his master's program, he interned at the Consulting Finance department of a leading consulting firm. Subsequently, he joined Rembrandt in 2021.

"Projects seldom unfold exactly as initially anticipated, but in a positive way. This often requires adapting to new situations, making the work highly diverse and engaging."

What characterizes the work as a consultant at Rembrandt for me is that every day looks different.

This is what makes Rembrandt unique for me

I believe that Rembrandt sets itself apart by giving a lot of trust to all employees. Being directly involved in projects and having the autonomy to pick up the phone and speak with clients from the outset is simply part of the package. It's all about learning by doing.