Pjotr van Deursen

Pjotr van Deursen

Senior Manager

+31 10 4536159

Pjotr & Rembrandt

Pjotr graduated from Erasmus University Rotterdam with the Mr.drs. program in Economics and Law, where he simultaneously pursued degrees in Economics and Business Economics, and Law. Following his studies, Pjotr joined Rembrandt in 2013 as a Junior Consultant, and he is now a project leader.

"In one word, 'variety' is central to working within Rembrandt, especially as a project leader. There's variety in terms of the types of companies, sectors, and project phases, as well as in all the entrepreneurs you interact with."

Playing multiple games at once suits me very well and brings new energy every day.

This is what makes Rembrandt unique for me

Team spirit is paramount at Rembrandt. Together, we aim to achieve the best transactions for our clients. However, to collaborate effectively, the work atmosphere is crucial. At Rembrandt, everyone is ready to support each other and facilitate further development.