Myrthe Heuer

Myrthe Heuer


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Myrthe & Rembrandt

Myrthe completed both her Bachelor's in International Business Administration and her Master's in Finance at Tilburg University. During her studies, she also dedicated a full-time year to serving on the board of the student association, where she first encountered Rembrandt. In March 2022, Myrthe joined as a Junior Consultant.

"At Rembrandt, you work on various projects across different sectors and immediately become part of the project team. This steep learning curve is personally very important to me."

At Rembrandt, hard work is valued, but maintaining a healthy work-life balance is equally important.

This is what makes Rembrandt unique for me

The significant responsibility you receive from day one. Even as a junior consultant, you're immediately a full-fledged member of a project team. Additionally, the young, friendly team is something that sets Rembrandt (and its corporate culture) apart within M&A for me. There's always a positive atmosphere in the office, and we support each other.