Marie van Urk

Marie van Urk

Administratief Medewerker

+31 20 5745 890

Marie & Rembrandt

Marie has been associated with Rembrandt since the beginning. Due to her connection with one of the founders of Rembrandt, and already working as an independent accountant, Marie was asked in 2002 if she wanted to take care of the accounting.

"At Rembrandt, I have gone through various phases. My duties now mainly involve auditing and providing advice. Additionally, I handle monthly reporting and prepare annual financial statements."

Great to be part of a company that is growing, and to be able to contribute to that growth.

This is what makes Rembrandt unique for me

"I've learned a lot at Rembrandt and brought nearly as much to the culture of my own company. Eating together, creating and seeking learning moments, being stronger together than the sum of our parts, taking responsibility—the list could go on!"