Luuk Hoogenboom

Luuk Hoogenboom


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Luuk & Rembrandt

Luuk pursued the mr.drs. program at Erasmus University Rotterdam. His master's degree in economics focused on Financial Economics, while in law, he specialized in Corporate Law. Both of his master's programs covered mergers and acquisitions as a crossroads between the two disciplines. After a year at an investment firm in Amsterdam, Luuk started as a Junior Consultant at Rembrandt in September 2022.

"As a consultant, you're involved in multiple projects from day one and have direct contact with clients. A robust internal training program ensures that you're capable of conducting in-depth financial analyses and market research in a short amount of time."

Thanks to the small teams we work in, my work directly contributes to the service delivery of Rembrandt.

This is what makes Rembrandt unique for me

What impresses me about Rembrandt is the level of professionalism relative to the size of the firm. Everything at Rembrandt is measured and tracked, resulting in a vast backlog of information that is used to make the services even more valuable. Additionally, Rembrandt takes its employees seriously by investing significantly in their training and well-being.