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Divestment of Steenkorrel Groep B.V.

Van Bentum Recycling Centrale B.V. (BRC) has acquired the shares in – among other entities – Korrelbeton B.V., Recyclingmaatschappij Steenkorrel Amsterdam B.V., and G. Oudt Grond- en Sloopwerken B.V. Rembrandt M&A acted as the exclusive financial advisor of the seller.

The activities of Recycling Maatschappij Steenkorrel Amsterdam B.V. mainly consist of the processing (recycling) of construction and demolition waste. The takeover of Steenkorrel Groep and Korrelbeton strengthened the position that Van Bentum Recycling had in the field of recycling debris and stone-like construction and demolition waste.

For over 20 years, Van Bentum Recycling Centrale has been active in the market of recycling stone-like construction and demolition waste. BRC is therefore known as a supplier of e.g. granulates for civil engineering purposes. Further, Van Bentum is active in the cleaning of tar-containing asphalt. The company was founded in 1982, and is headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
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