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Divestment of Glashandel Hermans B.V.

Glashandel Garant Glas B.V. (De Toekomstgroep) has acquired the shares in Glashandel Hermans B.V. Rembrandt M&A acted as the exclusive financial advisor of the seller.

Glashandel Hermans is a company that sells and installs glass sheets, and was headquartered in Zwanenburg, the Netherlands. Glashandel Garant Glas, part of Toekomstgroep, has post-takeover become the largest company in glass damage repair in the Netherlands. Over 90 employees carry out about 30000 repairs per year. The merger resulted in the firms’ continuity being secured for the future, and a lower cost price because of scale economies that could have been realized.

By connecting different disciplines in the fields of construction, renovation, planned maintenance and 24/7 service, ToekomstGroep is able to deliver integrated solutions for housing issues, both in the short and in the long run.
For more information, see: www.toekomstgroep.nl

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