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Are you in need of additional financing/growth capital for your organisation? Do you wish to re-finance the business? (Re)financing offers new strength and a basis for growth.
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(Re)financing strengthens your business and offers a platform for continued growth.

The financial side of your business

At Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions, we know how financing can be tailored to both your wishes and the needs of the business. We possess an extensive network of financiers and investors with nearly all of whom we have a long-running and excellent relationship. We only present to the financiers and investors those propositions that we fully support ourselves.

Precise approach

(Re)financing requires knowledge and expertise. Working diligently on your behalf, our advisors follow a carefully constructed step-by-step plan.

Step-by-step plan to (re)financing

  • Drafting financial analyses
  • Analysis of the business case and calculating possible scenarios
  • Advising on the options for financing
  • Drafting a financing request, pitchdeck or investment memorandum
  • Selecting and approaching financiers/investors
  • Support during introductory meetings
  • Negotiation if necessary
  • Co-ordination of the formulation of agreements/documents

Would you like to know more?

Are you interested in (re)financing your business or attracting growth capital? Do not hesitate to contact one of our financing specialists.

Our advisors would be happy to help.