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Financial restructuring

Acting quick and thoroughly is key

It may be that due to circumstances, such as economic downturns, you wish to completely refinance your company or strengthen its capital. In such cases, it is often vital to act quickly.

Clear insight

Rembrandt Mergers & Acquisitions' approach in such situations is aimed at quickly obtaining a clear picture of the financial situation.

Example questions

  • What is the cause or causes of the financing requirement?
  • Where does the company make money and where does it lose money?
  • What are the cash flows?
  • What is the liquidity requirement in the short and medium term?

Professional, with an eye for people

Our expertise, experience and advanced financial models enable us to map out the financial situation quickly and efficiently. We also have the right experience to guide you through a process where emotions may play an important role.


De situatie beoordelen

Vanuit een helder inzicht in de actuele situatie, onderzoeken we verschillende mogelijkheden. Als duidelijk is dat problemen niet van tijdelijke aard zijn, bestaan er diverse oplossingen.

Mogelijke oplossingen

  • Het oversluiten van leningen
  • Het aantrekken van eigen vermogen
  • Het sluiten of verkopen van onderdelen
  • Samenwerking zoeken in de keten

From idea to concrete solution

We owe our expertise in this area to our years of experience in the field of mergers and acquisitions. We also leverage our network to suggest ideas and concrete solutions.


Can we help?

Are you curious about what Rembrandt can do for your specific situation? Please feel free to contact one of our advisors.


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